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Parvati and I (Melis) attended 2017 IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion) conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands. IMISCOE is the largest migration and integration conference held in Europe. This year’s conference covered the theme “Migration, Diversity and Cities” and it was organized by Erasmus University Rotterdam between 28-30 June. The opening plenary was introduced by the keynote speech of Steven Vertovec followed by the Maria Baganha Award Ceremony and the  conference ended by Saskia Sassen’s keynote lecture: “ A Massive Loss of Habitat: New Drivers for Migration.” The central question that the conference aimed to address was “What implication does migration have for the city and for urban life, how can cities respond to both the challenges and opportunities offered by migration and diversity?” Yet, the papers and workshops were not limited to this and there were vast variety of panels discovering different aspects of migration and contributions from various disciplines such as political science, sociology, economics, history, law, anthropology, public administration, demography, education and geography.

As the IDEAS team, we presented a paper on Gender, International Student Migration and Development, providing insights from the IDEAS project at a special panel on International Student Migration (ISM). The aim of the ISM panel was to target empirical and theoretical gaps in the International Student Migration and push the boundaries of this field to Global South as ISM research mostly remains limited to European single cases studies and the UK. Likewise, the panel in which we presented were mainly dominated by the single case studies from Europe (Denmark and Switzerland). Therefore, our paper received much attention on the ways of thinking student migration within the Global South and we also received some thought-provoking comments and feedback on Higher Education provision within South Africa. We have now been invited to present a longer version of our paper to discuss in depth to an international workshop on ‘Gendered perspectives on international student mobility and migration’ at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), the Hague, 5-6 October 2017, and we look very forward to meeting again with the greatest minds and scholars of ISM.

The conference attracted researchers, policy makers and NGOs across the world and the tea/coffee breaks between the sessions and after conference events opened an avenue to catch up with other researchers and practitioners in the field, listen to their amazing field experiences and to enjoy the natural beauty of Rotterdam. We came back home with loads of fresh ideas and challenging questions in mind and we are getting ready for the Hague.

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Nov 16 2017

Field Work in Nigeria

In October, Prof Parvati and Prof Ashley went to Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria to collect data on the state and nature of Higher Education in that country. This research forms part of the IDEAS project as Nigeria is a case study country for the project.

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Oct 19 2017

WISH workshop Cape Town

The WISH (Widening Success in Higher Education) workshop was help in Cape Town from the 10th to the 13th of October 2017. The workshop was a joint collaboration between the University of East London and The Cape Town University of Technology, and was funded by both the British Council and the National Research Fund.

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Oct 10 2017

8th ANIE International conference Rwanda

October saw the advent of the 8th African Network for the Internationalization of Education’s international conference in Kigali Rwanda. The IDEAS team took this opportunity to present some of the ongoing work at the conference.