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Sep 18 2018

Change for relevance

The IDEAS project team members made a short visit to Zimbabwe in August of this year. During this visit, several meetings and one workshop with prominent academics and officials in the Zimbabwe higher education sector were held, being facilitated by the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU).

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Nov 16 2017

Field Work in Nigeria

In October, Prof Parvati and Prof Ashley went to Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria to collect data on the state and nature of Higher Education in that country. This research forms part of the IDEAS project as Nigeria is a case study country for the project.

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Oct 19 2017

WISH workshop Cape Town

The WISH (Widening Success in Higher Education) workshop was help in Cape Town from the 10th to the 13th of October 2017. The workshop was a joint collaboration between the University of East London and The Cape Town University of Technology, and was funded by both the British Council and the National Research Fund.

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Oct 10 2017

8th ANIE International conference Rwanda

October saw the advent of the 8th African Network for the Internationalization of Education’s international conference in Kigali Rwanda. The IDEAS team took this opportunity to present some of the ongoing work at the conference.