Our project builds on years of research in this area. Some of these are available below.

Please find below some past publications written by us that are relevant to this project.

International Study

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Learning Analytics

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Social Media

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Postcolonial Methodology

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Research Ethics/Responsibility

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Distance learning

Subotzky G and Prinsloo P (2011) Turning the tide: a socio-critical model and framework for improving student success in open distance learning at the University of South Africa

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Research Ethics/ Responsibility

Clare Madge, Parvati Raghuram and Patricia Noxolo (2009) Engaged pedagogy and responsibility: A postcolonial analysis of international students

Project Outputs

Clare Madge, Parvati Raghuram and Pat Noxolo (2014) Conceptualizing international education: From international student to international study


International Study

Learning Analytics

Social Media

Postcolonial Methodology

Research Ethics/Responsibility

Distance learning

Research Ethics/ Responsibility

Project Outputs